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Every SmartSteel project starts with smart thinking. BUILD SMART

We question how we can work with our clients to ensure their brief is met with the best creative value engineering, cost effectiveness and time efficiency, every time. Our team are experts in their field and they pride themselves in leading your project through every stage with focus, clarity and efficiency.

​This is quality end to end service. We provide high end design, engineering solutions, supplier and full project management, and final build. You dream it, we can create it. And because we are the steel building experts, we can tackle extreme spans, weather and environmental conditions and locations.

​We are passionate about what we do, and want to ensure every build is a positive experience. From Commercial, Industrial to Lifestyle, SmartSteel have the proven track record to deliver your project to your specifications on time and on budget. BUILD SMART

Strong, environmentally sound, light and durable.
Steel is one of the best building materials available.

We are experts in both cold formed and mild steel technology processes. For our cold formed steel buildings we use galvanised steel sections with a durability guarantee from New Zealand Steel.

Our buildings are value engineered, fully bolted portal frames with options for nested and bird resistant purlins. Our software provides the most cost-effective solutions with upgrades to have options such as non-obtrusive knee or apex braces and options on purlins and girts. Being fully independent, if a different system exists that can solve your needs, we’ll do everything we can to make it work. We’re also proudly New Zealand owned and operated, and that means we understand the extremely varied conditions across the country.

Our designs are site specific, ensuring we work with the contours, geographical and environmental conditions of the area. Sun, snow, shakes, we’ve got your covered: from ventilation requirements to seismic engineering to extreme environmental loads, we design and build with your site in mind.

Talk to us today for great ideas and solutions to ensure you get great results.



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