Commercial & Industrial

Built to get the job done

Our commercial and industrial buildings are designed with your business needs in mind.

We consider and plan for how functionality and overall aesthetics will play a part in your new building and add value to your business.

Warehousing, workshops, community buildings & more

If it can be built, we can build it. At SmartSteel we’re not tied to any exclusive build systems so if it can be built, we’ll find a way to make your project happen.

Every SmartSteel building is site specifically engineered with your needs in mind. Whether you need a clearspan structure in coldform steel, (up to 30 meters) or a larger span in mild steel, we can provide the engineering, construction and production expertise to get the job done and get it done right. All our builds are value engineered, starting with the most cost effective solution to fully bolted portal frames with options for nested and bird resistant purlins. We also have options for non-obtrusive knee or apex braces. Whether you’re looking for a retail, showroom, workshop, warehousing facilities or factory floorspace, we can build it, and build it smart.


Talk to us today for great ideas and solutions to ensure you get great results.


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If you’re in the market for a new commercial or industrial building, don’t settle for anything less than a SmartSteel build.

With freedom from any set structural system, we can design your shed using Top Hats, C Sections, Zed Sections, Tapered I-Beams, Universal Beams and more. If a different system exists that can solve your needs, we’ll do everything we can to make it work.

Choose SmartSteel Buildings BOP for your next commercial or industrial build.


Commercial & Industrial

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