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Lifestyle Garage & Livable Area



Rural Lifestyle Garage with Livable Area & Awning

Project Specifics & Details:

  • Dimensions – Length: 18.30m, Width: 10.00m, Height: 2.80m.
  • Areas – Shed: 109m2, Livable/Hobby Area: 74m2, Awning: 60m2.
  • Cladding & Roof: 0.40BMT Trim-Rib Coloursteel Endura
  • Colour Roof: Gull Grey, Colour Cladding: Sandstone Grey, Joinery: Appliance White 
  • Roller Doors: 3@ 2.400h x 3.000w Roller Doors – Colour: Gull Grey
  • Custom Interior Fitout: Meranti Plywood Lined with Bathroom & Kitchenette.



Project Description

Our clients wanted an interim measure to resolve a living and storage issue while they built their main home. Getting the right design, the right team, and the right products for every project takes time, practice and expertise. At SmartSteel, our focus is on working with you to assess your priorities and find the best solution that fits you.

We came up with this design as an attractive internal feature with the meranti plywood finish.  We know that every project is different, but that the bottom line is always important, so we provide the most cost effective structural options available and then work with you on your designs to make sure you get what you want, at the best price possible.



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